We believe that antiques aren’t the only objects with soul and reinterpreting historical design elements is the perfect way for their story to continue.


Londoner Nicholas Reed meets American Sarah Thurston. It’s your typical boy meets girl story where the boy works on feature films using the sorcery of proportion, colour, light, and architectural detail to digitally create complex historically accurate environments and the girl travels extensively throughout Africa, South Asia and Latin America working in health and economic development. Like we said, typical.

Take his London-born heritage, add her globally-honed design eye, multiply that by bolts and bolts (and we do mean bolts) of luxurious fabrics acquired at local markets around the world and you end up with the kind of math that launches a brand.

Thurston Reed designs are inspired by the centuries old history of British interiors and architecture translated for our modern lives. The harbinger of the line, the Thurston Reed rhino, is stylised from a statuette brought back in the 1920s from Zimbabwe by Nicholas’ great-grandfather. Decorative moulded ceilings, stately homes, country estates, antique wallpapers, tapestries, motifs and artefacts have all found their place on our inspiration board. And whether it’s an intricately woven kente cloth made of silk and cotton threads purchased in Ghana or the memory of emerald green rice paddies in Sri Lanka, Sarah’s travels around the world are practically our third business partner.

Our hope is that Thurston Reed will find a place of honour in your home, a spot that will always welcome you back whether you’re returning from across the world or just across town.

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