Decorating Tips: 6 Lovely Window Seats Ideas

What makes a perfect window seat? It’s the way you want to use it: Check our decorating ideas below to style a well-fashioned spot to doze, read a book or view the world outside. 

#1 Timelessly Elegant

marrakech border pillow

Marrakech Border Pillow

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So delicate and elegant, this traditional living area won’t be as functional and stylish without a cozy window seat upholstered white fabric and accentuated by patterned décor pillows. Our NEW Marrakech Border pillows with delightful Moroccan-inspired border design in blue and gold set on soft and beautiful ivory linen would be a perfect match here as well!

#2 Reading Paradise

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Romilly Bronze Pillow


In this airy living area, you can see how a window seat topped with a soft leather cushion can provide both a comfortable seating for parties and serve as a built-in bookcase. A pair of our Romilly Bronze decorative pillows and an elegant derby tray in chocolate leather would add another style punch.

#3 Serenity & Comfort

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Aria Pewter

Aria Pewter

You’ll be amazed how easily a skilfully planned window seat can elevate the overall room style factor. Grab some inspiration from this luxurious dining area with a trendy shaped window seat matching the grey-and-white color palette. Our Aria Pewter Lumbar pillows would be a nice addition touch

#4 Social Focal Point

manette-orange pillow

Lyon Pillow

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Window seat can become a functional focal point of your family room, from where family and guests can lead discussions and have drinks. No one around? You can use it as a comfy place to relax after dinner. Our lovely Manette Orange and Lyon pillows accented with bright orange silk will provide an energetic signature touch.

#5 Cozy Breakfast Nook

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Omni Seafoam

Styled with soft throw pillows of warm natural shades, this window nook serves as a perfect spot nook to enjoy your breakfasts and view the beauty of garden outside. Take a look at our over-sized Omni Seafoam pillows finished in deep pile soft velvet if you’d like to replicate the look.

#6 Hall Way Retreat

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Not long and deep enough for taking a nap, this entry way window seat provides a comfortable area for seating in this always busy home area. We’d recommend to use thick fabrics that’s less likely to fade and can withstand everyday use and take advantage of a built-in storage place – to keep your seasonal clothing items or home décor.

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