7 Tips to Style a Living Room for a Cozy Fall Evening

The mixture of soft textures and fabrics, upholstered walls, warm hues, oversized seating areas, and more! Here, we've rounded up some of our favorite living room decor ideas that will help you create a perfectly inviting space to relax this fall. 

#1 Upholstered Walls

Image source: Deringhall.com

Albemarle Orange Pillow

DErby Tray White

Feel like your living room is lacking an additional layer of warmth to get ready for the chilly season? Textured upholstery-inspired wallpaper can breathe in a new life into your space and set the stage for the whole look. Our hand-printed Albemarle pillow in lively orange silk would be a perfect energy-boosting accent.

#2 Mixture of Textures

Image source: Deringhall.com

Aria Taupe Pillows

Meru Taupe Pillows

Layered fabrics are another faultless way to make your living space feel more inviting and warm. Peak inside this gorgeous living area above we're so in love with - from the floors to decor accessories it's filled with textured touches. Our 100% silk velvet Aria and Meru pillows will be welcome guests on top of the sofa.

#3 Stylish Fireplace

Image source: Homebnc.com

Even you're all for modern style interiors, a roaring fireplace is a perfect trick to add just the right amount of coziness to otherwise too minimalistic space. Pair it with few knitted accents, like a stylish pouf, a throw or decorative pillows for a bigger impact.

#4 Warm Color Palette

Omni Taupe Pillow

Fitzrovia Sand Pillow

Image source: Elledecor.ru

A warm nature-inspired color palette is another easy tip to cozy up your living. Shiny metal accents and warm area lights will make the atmosphere ideal for stretching on the sofa and relaxing with your favorite book. Our lush Omni pillow in soft natural velvet and Fitzrovia in sand linen will bring even more comfort in.

#5 Oversized Seating

Image source: Deringhall.com

With oversized sofas, chairs, and ottomans, any living room can provide a perfect space for your ultimate relaxation all fall evenings long. For even more harmonious feel, take advantage of natural materials like wood and stone. It'll work perfectly well along with plush upholstery. 

#6 Touches of Leather

Image source: Elledecor.ru

Linen Aria Small Grey

Leather Photo Frames

If you're not ready for massive updates right now, just one leather piece, like an armchair or ottoman, can warm up your entire living room even when topped with a single grey lumbar pillow (just like our elegant Aria). Leather photo frames and fresh greenery will be the perfect accessories to brighten your design as well.

#7 Statement Light Fixtures

Aria Ivory Pillow

Meru Tray Square

Image source: Elledecor.com

A statement light fixture is one more ideal way to instantly heat up your living room without any extra stress. If you're a fan of all-white interiors, our Aria Ivory pillows and lacquered Meru tray hand-printed with shiny golden elephants will add a playful touch to keep up your spirits.

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