6 Interior Design Trends for Fall/Winter 2018

With temperatures gradually going down, it's high time to get your home refreshed for the cooler seasons and do it in style! From fashionably curved sofas to statement rugs, let's see what interior design trends are going to rock fall and winter 2018. The only thing left would be to pick your favorite ones ;)

#1 Curved Sofas

Image source: Deringhall.com

Aria Blue Pillow

Meru Elephant Tray

Did you know that curved sofas were extremely popular in the Victorian era? Why? They worked perfectly well to create comfortable conversation areas for women who couldn't move that easy in their massive dresses. Now curved shapes in furniture are enjoying their big time again. Peek inside this gorgeous living area accentuated by a luxurious velvet sofa. Our new Meru lacquer tray hand-printed with golden elephants and Aria Blue pillow would add up to the harmony of the ensemble.

#2 Grey Will Never Fade

Image source: Decoist.com

Thurston Reed Trays

Adelphi Pillow Grey

You might have thought that grey has been too long on design radar, however, it isn't going away this fall. This all-time neutral will build a faultless basis for any interior, just spruce it up a bit with a few bright accents or just add some fresh greenery. Take a cue from the polished eclectic area above. Our Adelphi pillow in grey linen and Derby tray in grey leather will help you incorporate more texture.

#3 Global Nomad

Image source: Idealhome.co.uk

Meru Taupe Pillow

Arusha Pillows

Meru Pewter Pillow

There's no better way to create a fashionable global nomad-inspired interior as to mix various patterns and textures and style your space with one-of-a-kind accessories. Make the first step by grabbing some patterned decorative throw pillows: our hand-finished Meru and Arusha velvet decorative pillows will be a perfect choice.

#4 Marble Is Back!

Image source: Housebeautiful.com

Image source: Pinterest.com

So elegant and noble, marble can easily bring a touch of luxury into any interior. From the flooring to versatile accessories, marble is making a major come back this fall. If you're on a tight budget for a real marble, make a stylish statement with a marble-patterned wallpaper, like the one showcased in the bedroom above.

#5 New Nordic

Image source: Idealhome.co.uk

Thurston Reed Frames

Taupe Decorative Pillows

So popular for several seasons, Nordic interiors are not going to step back from the design scene. This fall, the classic Scandi looks are experiencing a modern update. Influenced by the global-inspired patterns and colors, new Nordic spaces are now layered up with more textures and rich hues. The combo of navy and pink will create a fresh and effortless look. Browse our collection of home decor accessories to find the best matching accents.

#6 Statement Rugs

Image source: Deringhall.com

Bold statement rugs are ideal to make a big impact, separate areas, and add an extra dose of style. Fall is just the right season to take advantage of their superpowers and infuse more comfort and warmth to your home. Take a look at the country-inspired interior above accentuated with two stylish black and white rugs.

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