6 Home Design Trends That Will Rule This Spring

To kickstart your home decor inspiration this spring, we're sharing here 6 of our favorite trends that are going to dominate 2019. From natural materials to bold jewel tones, let's give your home a trendy refresh it was craving for all winter long!

#1 Nature-inspired Elements

Image source: Elledecor.com

Romilly Orange Pillow

Manette Tray Black

Emphasis on the relationship between interiors and nature is going to become even bigger in the season Spring/Summer 2019. Opt for natural, organic materials, such as stone, wood, plants to bring the nature from the outside in. Our natural silk hand-woven  Romilly pillow and black lacquer Manette tray will help you recreate the stylish patio above.

#2 Patterns Mix & Artisanal Approach

Image source: Apartmenttherapy.com

Arusha Red Small Pillow

Somerset Blue Pillow

Hand-finished accessories, craftsmanship, and artisanal approach in home decor are going to make a difference in 2019. Mixing various patterns and finishes can never be enough to add a touch of this trend into your space. Take some inspiration from our hand-printed  Arusha Red Small and Somerset Blue home decor pillows finished in 100% velvet.

#3 Feminine Touches

Image source: Idealhome.co.uk

Omni Taupe Pillow

Derby tray blush

Warm feminine colors like blush, pewter, and dusty pink build the basis for the new 2019 glam. Luxury materials such as marble and velvet all mix together beautifully to create fine decorative details. Our over-sized velvet  Omni pillow and stitched leather tray finished in soft pink shades will easily help you spruce up any tired room.

#4 Curved Furniture

Image source: Apartmenttherapy.com

Aria Blue Pillow Arusha Green Pillow

1970s-inspired curved furniture will continue to take over reins in 2019. Rounded back chairs and sofas finished in our favorite rich velvet are a chic way to bring the curvy design aesthetic into your home. Add a pair of  accent decorative pillows to bring more chic and comfort in.

#5 Geometric Patterned Backsplashes

Image source: Elledecor.com

Simple, monochrome kitchens have been big for quite a long run, however, this spring, we will be heading toward more statement in kitchen interiors. Attention-grabbing backsplash tiles with geometric patterns are one of the easiest and stylish ways to make more impact.

#6 Bold Maximalist Colors

Image source: Elledecor.com

Thurston Reed Photo Frames

Derby tray navy

While all-neutral interiors have been dominating design radar for a couple of past years, seems like we'll be seeing more and more colorful spaces in 2019, full of bold contrast and rich tones. See how dark navy blue, red and greed decor accents create a sense of drama when paired with white furniture or architectural elements.

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