6 Gorgeous Rooms Full of Antiques

Whether applied in the living room, dining area, bedroom, or kitchen, chic antique accessories and furniture pieces  will add more character and charm to any space. Scroll down to see 6 gorgeous rooms full of antique treasures.

#1 Go for an Antique Mirrored Wall

Image source: Deringhall.com

Aria Ivory Pillow Aria Pillow Ivory

This living room brings together the feature wall clad in antique mirrored glass panels and contemporary furniture pieces. The collection of silver showcased on the glass coffee table creates a nice centerpiece and provides a great conversation starter. Our  Aria pillows finished in ivory velvet and adorned with delicate double lines of antique gold foil would be an elegant accent for the sofa.

#2 Arrange an Antique Art Gallery

Image source: Elledecor.com

Arusha Red Small Pillow

Arusha Blue Small Pillow

When you're passionate about collecting antiques and a coffee table is not enough to display all of your beloved treasures anymore, why not arranging them on the wall of your living room? Don't be afraid of mixing old and new. Thus an ancient exotic masks can look striking next to a contemporary artist's creation.

#3 Greet Guests in an Antique Foyer

Image source: Deringhall.com

Thurston Reed Derby Trays

Valbonne decorative pillow

Just one statement antique furniture piece, like this apothecary chest, can create a very intimate and warm atmosphere in your interior, as if telling your guests about your love for traditions and family memories. We believe our elegant tray in chocolate leather with brass accents could find its perfect place on top of the chest, while silk Valbonne decorative pillows would make a nice pair to the chairs' upholstery.

#4 Add Interest with Antique Chandelier

Image source: Houzz.com

Thurston Reed Frames Fitzrovia Grey Pillow

From the tufted headboard in light lilac fabric to the collection of family photos showcased on the nightstands, a lot of  details in this traditional master bedroom feel truly feminine. However, the plentiful natural linen fabrics and aged furniture keep it from being too delicate and sweet. The antique French chandelier set against the neutral color palette creates a stunning focal point.

#5 Mix Old & New Pieces

Image source: Deringhall.com

Thurston Reed Manette Tray

Derby Nesting Boxes

Introducing antique furniture and art pieces to sleek modern interiors is a winning recipe to bring more personality and interest to any space. Take a cue from this eclectic hallway that is brimming with character of the homeowners through the antique chest and collectibles on display. Our nesting boxes in stitched chocolate leather with solid brass details will be suitable for storing your most valued treasures.

#6 Play with Antique Decorative Details

Image source: Houzz.com

Omni Seafoam Lumbar Pillow

Omni Seafoam Lumbar Pillow

The antique Danish clock, antique French wine bottles, chairs, and more! Scattered throughout the space, the antique pieces give the dining room its unique character. A stunning chandelier adorned with glass beads and pearls makes a true statement. Our playful Omni lumbar velvet pillows in seafoam shade will pick up on the chandelier’s glass and the chairs' upholstery.

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