5 Relaxing Bedrooms with Bright Styling

Browse these 5 gorgeous bedrooms to see how easy it is to lift a room style factor with a few bright accent pillows, patterned rugs, and other statement decor accessories.
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#1 Eclectic Paradise

Image source: Deringhall.com

Velvet Tuscany Pillow

Cotton Knitted White Pillow

No doubt this colorful bedroom will make your guests feel truly welcome with its warm natural color palette and bright summerly accents. A yellow pillow and a matching throw put an energetic signature touch against the white bedding. Check out our new Velvet Tuscany and Cotton Knitted White Pillow pillows to replicate the ensemble.

#2 Ethnic Creativity

Image source: Deringhall.com
Burnt Orange Embroidery Pillow

Velvet Applique Grey Pillow

Versatile textiles and a mixture of patterns create an absolutely unique atmosphere of this ethnic bedroom. Our Burnt Orange and Applique Grey decorative pillows with geometric embroidery would make a perfect finishing touch. Light mint lamp stands and a statement artwork add a sophisticated contrast to otherwise earthy and terracotta tones. 

#3 Modern White & Statement Touches

Image source: Deringhall.com

Cotton velvet midnight pillow

Linen embroidered geometric blue pillow

Blue and black accent pillows add up to the style of this modern white master bedroom. A luxurious textured rug and natural organic details create an additional layer of interest. Our new decorative pillows,  Cotton Velvet Midnight and Linen Embroidered Blue, would be a great match to get the look.

#4 Pops of Green & Mint

Image source: Elledecor.com

Cotton velvet embroidery green pillow

Cotton block print blue pillow

Mint green color pops, including an upholstered headboard, decorative pillows (get inspired by our new Cotton Velvet Green), and a through work beautifully in this contemporary master bedroom. Brass accents in the chandelier, lampstand, and decorative tray add another level of interest.

#5 Striking Vintage Contrasts

Image source: Elledecor.com

Linen Embroidery Olive Pillow Linen Embroidery Olive Pillow

A bright and cheerful palette lends this master bedroom a colorful vintage vibe that's impossible not to be impressed with. Our neutral Linen Embroidery Olive pillow with geometrical would add a nice calming touch for the bedroom decor.

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