5 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Over-sized Coffee Tables

An over-sized coffee table can be a perfect way to make a true style punch in your living space. Browse these five gorgeous living rooms and see how coffee tables can add interest and harmony into various interior styles.

#1 Splash of Color

Image source: Deringhall.com

Meru Tray Square

Aria Ivory Pillow

So attention-grabbing, this pink glass-topped coffee table accentuates otherwise calm living room. Our elegant Meru tray in white lacquer and Aria Ivory pillow in luxurious silk velvet would add up to the variety of textures. Sophisticated light fixture and the wall painting bring an unexpected modern touch in.

#2 Play of Heights

Image source: Elledecor.com

Omni Pewter Lumbar

Thurston Reed Trays

A three-level coffee table creates a focal point of this stylish living room and takes its sophistication to the next level. Decorative trays, bowls, and vases can help you set up an ideal table arrangement and inject your personality. Take a look at our trays collection to find the one that matches your desires.

#3 Clear Lines 

Image source: Deringhall.com

Albemarle Grey Pillow

Derby Frame White

This cottage-style living area immediately strikes you with its airiness and lightness. An over-sized coffee table adds function for an everyday use and its black lower frame creates a dramatic accent in the middle of a room that contrasts with the rest of the interior. Our Albemarle Grey pillow and white derby frame would be a perfect match to help you replicate the look.

#4 Sophisticated Shapes

Image source: Deringhall.com

Manette Tray White

Francesca Seafoam Pillow

Three peculiar shaped coffee tables take a center stage in this modern style living room interior and bring a playful vibe in. Place a few of your favorite reads, vases, or other art objects to provide a lovely conversation starter. Our Francesca Seafoam pillow and Manette Tray in white lacquer would be a nice addition to the overall color palette.

#5 Contemporary Chic

Image source: Deringhall.com

Navy Photo FrameOmni Blue Pillow

Effortlessly chic, this contemporary living area in blue shades feels both calming and fresh. A transparent glass-top coffee table is a wonderful option here,as it allows the gorgeous mixture of textures and fabrics to show through it. Our navy blue home decor accessories (check out our Navy derby frame and Omni Blue pillow) would contribute to the elegant style of the space.

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