5 Charming Country Spaces with a Modern Take

A traditional country house is all about old-fashioned comfort – a warm fireplace, an abundance of natural wood, layered textures, and over-sized furniture to relax on. However, it doesn't have to be all that shabby. Let's see some gorgeous examples of how to mix modern accents and country style for a perfectly blended pair.

#1 Modern Furniture Pieces & Country Warmth

Image source: Houseandgarden.co.uk

Aria Grey Pillows

Aria Grey Pillows

This stylish house in the Cotswolds' Windrush Valley combines roaring fire, wood beams and a warm color palette with a modern minimalist approach injected through the choice of furniture pieces and accessories. The understated elegance of our  100% linen Aria pillows will be a perfect addition here as well.

#2 Luxurious Spaciousness Blended with Coziness

Image source: Homedit.com

Francesca Seafoam Pillow

Omni Seafoam Lumbar

Have you ever seen such an airy bathroom in any of typical country style houses? Well, your answer is probably ‘No’. The one above perfectly brings together country coziness and luxurious modern spaciousness. Keep it in my while designing your country house, as open concept spaces will certainly give it a fresh modern touch.

#3 Unexpected Color Pops

Image source: Houseandgarden.co.uk

Francesca Blue Pillow

Thurston Reed Photo Frames

This charming house in Norfolk is all about traditional country-feel atmosphere customized to the modern life we’re leading. Take a look at how this stunning master bedroom is filled with energy through the popping bright shade of blue not so typically applied for country décor style. Our luxurious Francesca Blue pillows hand-finished in crisp white linen and blue velvet applique and Navy Blue photo frame in genuine leather would be nice accents to add.

#4 Minimalism & Statement Wall Art

Image source: Homedit.com

Aria Sand Pillow

Decorative Trays

Full of country accents, such as raw woods and warm neutral textures, this cozy living still also lends a feel of a minimalist modern space. Statement wall art provides an additional style punch and adds up to the unique room’s character. We believe our  stylish derby tray in chocolate leather and Aria Sand décor pillows would lend even more charm.

#5 Modern Light Fixtures

Image source: Houzz.com

Omni Blue Lumbar Pillow

All-white kitchen with a large farmhouse table is a signature element of country style. However, the use of even one modern piece can transform the whole space and breathe a fresh vibe in it. See how an unexpected light fixture plays its modern part in the kitchen above, accompanied by the statement hood in dark blue. A few more décor accessories in this vibrant shade (like our  Navy derby tray or luxury decorative pillows) would make up even more to the style factor of the space.

To find the right decorative accents for your modern country interior, check up our unique collection of  hand-finished decorative pillowstraysphoto frames, and more. Styled in 100% natural materials, none of the two pieces are exactly the same!