5 Biggest Interior Design Trends According to Pinterest

If you're thinking about updating your interior and not sure where to start, let's take a look at 2018 biggest interior design trends revealed by Pinterest. From the forgotten material of the 70s to mixed metals, they'll surely inspire your home remodel or next design project.

#1 Hello, Terrazzo!

Image source: Pinterest.com

Image source: Pinterest.com

The wheel of design is always turning back! And now it's high time for the forgotten flooring of the 70s, terrazzo, to celebrate its major come back, with saves for “terrazzo” up 316% since 2017 as Pinterest top 100 list reports. Feel free to go big with terrazzo and brighten up a ceiling, walls, hallway or everything in between.

#2 Green Light to Sage Green

Image source: Pinterest.com

Omni Pillow Taupe

Derby Tray Blush

From earthy and warm to silvery cool, sage green is considered to be one of the most popular colors for home decor  according to Pinterest (saves for “sage” increased by 170% since last year). One of the reasons for it might be that this calming shade works well to soften up any space, establishing itself as a new neutral. What we also love about sage that it could be combined with our favorite pastel hues (take a cue from our luxury bed pillows in taupe and stitched leather tray in blush).

#3 Resort-inspired Style

Image source: Pinterest.com

Image source: Pinterest.com

By finishing bathrooms with resort-inspired decor, more and more people are trying to bring holiday vibes into their homes.  Neutral tiles or mosaic, rattan furniture, indoor plants, and decorative pebbles appear to be top choices for bathrooms in 2018. Saved searches for “spa bathrooms” have received a stunning boost of 269 percent, as reported by Pinterest.

#4 Statement Wall Art

Image source: Deringhall.com

Manette Tray White

Seems like blank spaces are officially out! Statement works of art, photography, and posters are having their days in the sun, with Pinterest search saves for “big wall art” enjoying 637% increase. Add a pop of color and energy to a classic interior with a bold modern art work or pull your space together with an art piece in matching hues. Wall art is a faultless solution to elevate the spirits!

#5 Go On Mixing Metals 

Image source: Elledecor.com

Mixed metals have been in for more than a year now and seem to go on shining! Pinterest saves for “mixed metals” have increased by 423% since last year. Polished nickel, brass, and copper finishes mixed together will instantly add sophistication, just like in this stunning living room above. We believe our Adelphi Grey decor pillows for bed with metallic thread embroidery and dark navy leather tray with brass details will bring even more charm in.

Derby Tray Navy

Adelphi Grey Pillow

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