5 Beautiful Ways to Decorate Your Farmhouse for Spring

With days getting longer and warmer, it's high time not only to open windows and let the fresh air in but give your home a spring refresh as well. Let's take a look at 5 decorating ideas to lift your farmhouse up this season.

#1 Add Joyful Accents

Image source: Countryliving.com

Derby tray white

New Price: $89

Omni Seafoam Pillow
New Price: $105

Colorful home decor accessories like our favorite accent pillows, trays, and photo frames are another easy way to add pops of color to your space and bring a new touch in. Check our luxurious  Omni pillow in silk velvet of fresh seafoam shade and gorgeous white derby tray to replicate the living room look above.

#2 Paint The Floors

Image source: Housebeautiful.com

Albemarle Grey Pillow

New Price: $59

Belgrove Green Pillow

New Price: $109

From fresh light-hued palette to bird-shaped ceramics and greenery, everything in this cozy breakfast nook is screaming 'spring'. We especially like how the wooden floor custom painted in light blue and grey speak up to the spring skies and ties the whole ensemble together. Our pure silk Albemarle Grey pillow with hand-rendered print and Belgrove Green in soft natural linen with sumptuous velvet appliqué would be a perfect addition.

#3 Go Big with Fresh Plants

Image source: Elledecor.com

Aria Grey Pillow

New Price: $59

Derby frame grey

New Price: $29

Green plants inside your home will instantly add a fresh feeling and bring spring blooms from outside in. Don't be afraid to line up your shelves with several plants, green foliage is in this season. Natural materials like leather and linen would make a perfect combo. Take a look at our  100% linen decorative pillows and stylish photo frames in genuine leather.

#4 Play with Pastels

Image Source: Countryliving.com

Francesca Lumbar Pillow Taupe

New Price: $75

Derby tray blush

New Price: $89

Pastel touches like accent pillows, ribbons, or rugs will also work wonderfully to elevate your space and give it a spring-like feel. Our  Francesca lumbar pillow in crisp white linen complemented with taupe deep-pile silk velvet will add a style punch while matching derby tray in stitched leather will lift any coffee table decor up.

#5 Opt for Statement Wallpaper

Image source: Elledecor.com

Derby frame blush

New Price: $39

Derby Boxes

New Price: $99

Whether it's a little upgrade like new hangers or a bigger move like bright wallpaper or a statement light fixture, there are endless ways to elevate your closet this spring. Our set of storage boxes finished in stitched chocolate leather with solid brass details will help you keep your beloved treasures in order and style. Elegant photo frames will add a personal touch.

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